Towing Port Of Miami: Duties Of A Tow Truck Driver

What does a tow truck driver does exactly? With A Superior Towing Port Of Miami, our truck drivers are expected to haul damaged, abandoned or illegally parked vehicles away from roads and parking lots. They expertly operate a specialized truck that is equipped with a mechanism for lifting and pulling other vehicles. Public safety, efficiency and communication are major aspects of a regular work day for them. Due to the nature of their jobs, they are required to keep careful logs of their daily work and dealings.

When a car has been left unattended or abandoned in a parking structure for a long period of time, a tow truck driver is called to remove the vehicle. Also, automobiles that are parked in illegal zones on the street are subject to towing too. At an impound lot, tow truck drives record the cars they bring in, contact owners and explain why their vehicles were towed. They often deal with customers in person to collect impounding fees and return vehicles to their owners.

A tow truck driver may also be called if a person is stranded on the road. He can then inspect the vehicle, make small repairs if possible and try to get it back in working condition. If in case the vehicle is beyond repair, the tow truck driver brings it along with the owner to a servicing station for a more detailed work. In cases of bad road accidents involving one or more cars, the driver rushed to the scene to clear the roadway.